Are you affiliated with any political group?
Barkat Food Web is a welfare program free of any political associations. It is a project of Al Wasila, a trust that is devoted to serving humanity.

Where do you get all your funding?
All funding comes from charity which involves both sadaqah and zakat (alms). Besides this, and Al Wasila, there is no other financial sourcing.

What is the minimum head count for donating food?
Food can be sent for a minimum head count of 10.

Do you have any specifics about what you recover?
We recover any and every food that is still fresh. The nature of the items collected requires only halal food to be donated. Other than this, the food may be cooked, raw or might even include providing ration.

Where is the food prepared for the food preparation facility’ and by whom?
The food is cooked/handeled by proper chef. The preparation takes place in the collection centres which is situated in North Nazimabad area.

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